It's all about Mick

Mick Livingstone is a Painter, mainly in oils but sometimes acrylics  or now and then using charcoal, pencil and pastels.

He is currently drawn to the natural beauty of the local landscapes around the Kingdom of Fife and to strong images in wild life. A fascination with the River Tay and the Tay Rail Bridge creeps into much of his work. Mick is known for his paintings of Swans in which he mixes realism with abstract pattern.  He finds the play of light and shadow through the woods and trees of Tentsmuir Forest and around Newport on Tay irresistible  and much of his current work  reflects this.  He has a series of paintings which capture the changing light over time and seasons in Tentsmuir’s wonderful nature reserve.  He is also painting scenes from walking the various nature trails of Newport,  including old railway tracks and Berry’s Den.

Mick also paints figurative work using strong colour resulting in striking imagery beneath which usually lurks a hidden narrative.

He also likes to play with wood and constructs garden furniture and follies which you can enjoy walking in his garden and counting his sheds if you visit his studio in Newport. Children seem to like the snakes best of all!

Mick Livingstone graduated from Sheffield College of Art in 1973 with a degree in fine art (painting). In 1975 he did a postgraduate course in Art Therapy. In 1977 he travelled around Europe going as far as Istanbul and returned to live in Leeds. After travelling, his interests began to change and he started restoring furniture and generally working with wood, occasionally painting but turning his hand to all kinds of jobs to pay the mortgage and in 1981 his son was born. He then worked for social services, with people with learning difficulties and with young 16 – 18 year olds on various projects, still using his arts background.

In 1984 he began work with Artlink West Yorkshire and he worked with Artlink for the next 13 years, developing arts projects with people with learning difficulties and people with mental health problems. In 2001 he moved back to Newport on Tay, Fife, to look after his two elderly parents until they both passed away. He had continued to paint during those previous years but mainly for himself, family and close friends never showing his work but using it as a form of personal therapy. By 2004 his health began to fail and he had four major operations but as he was unable to work he had more time to paint. In 2009 he felt able to call himself an artist and began to show his work.